Compressed Air Application Consulting


Compressed air consulting

We focus on “AFTER” the air compressor room to optimize the use of “what you have”; to lower the cost of your compressed air in you system after the compressor room by addressing your specific problem areas that most important to you while being aware of how this can effect other parts of your system to adjust where necessary. We do compressed air consulting by telephone consultation to keep your costs low and to provide a suggested solution that you can immediately implement.

Consulting Fee: $125 USD per 30 Minutes (Your scheduled time will be booked after order)

(If you do require air compressor use assessment and system audit, we can recommend auditors for you.)


What we can advise on is:

1. delivery of compressed air issues – moisture in air lines, particulate in air lines and, pressure loss in piping, equipment, compressed air leaks and waste.

2. compressed air filtration issues in regard to adequate filtration, filter placement, replacement and/or repair.

3. use of compressed air for blow off, cleaning, and cooling and appropriate technology to utilize, and whether alternatives would be more appropriate.

4. compressed air combined with static elimination for the neutralization and cleaning of statically charged surfaces and its effectiveness in at various speeds, distances, environment, and materials.

5. identification and correction of situations causing compressed air operated products to operate below optimum performance.

Its not just the air compressor room!  It’s the system!

Again – we do NOT do system audits nor advise on air compressor or dryer control systems but we can pass you to others who can assist you in those areas.

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30 minutes Compressed Air Consulting, Up to 5 Hours Consulting