Muffler for Vortex Tubes

The Cold End Muffler reduces the exhaust noise up to 10 dBA

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A vortex tube without muffling can be quote loud if there is no attachment at the cold end conveying the cold air (such as tubing or pipe). The Cold End Muffler reduces the exhaust noise up to 10 dBA and is a standard part of special vortex tube packages such as the Tool Cooler, Adjustable Spot Cooler and Mini Cooler systems. The Cold End comes in three sizes, one size for the small vortex tube, one for the medium size vortex tube and one for the large vortex tube. All cold end muffler are made of stainless steel with natural, environmentally friendly muffling material inside to reduce the sound levels.

To attached the cold end muffler to the small and medium vortex tube you need to remove the cold end “cap” and then attach the muffler. For the large size vortex tube, you only need to attach the muffler directly.

The hot end of a vortex tube also exhausts hot air which gives exhaust noise. There are two sizes of hot end mufflers. One size fits the small and medium vortex tube and threads over the hot end with the adjustable screw. The other larger size threads over the hot end of the large vortex tube with the adjustable screw. Sound reduction would be in the range of 3 dBA.

Nex Flow® has a special attachment to replace the adjustable hot end screw on the small and medium vortex tubes with a hand adjustable knob to control the flow. This hand adjustable unit incorporates a hot end muffler as part of the assembly.

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Cold End Muffler, Hot End Muffler, X-Stream Hot End Muffler, Hand Turning Adjustable Hot End Muffler


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